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· 3 min read
Emanuel Allely

Three years after its launch, the deeptech Luos announces a first round of fundraising of 1.2 million euros completed with Aquiti Gestion, Skalepark, Foreis, Bpifrance, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, Airbus Développement and Michelin Développement. A new key step that will allow the start-up supported by ADI and Unitec to democratize its embedded open source technology in France, to double its workforce and to export its philosophy and methodology to the United States, Germany and Spain, Japan and South Korea. Luos’s ambition is to become a reflex for all embedded developers around the world !

· 4 min read
Emanuel Allely

Spoiler alert: this is the first and last Luos article about the lockdown. I wrote this article the day after it ended. We have just lived eight peculiar weeks that drove us to review our way of working, our roadmap, our objectives. Our goal was to survive and optimize and adapt our business, our technical development, and our marketing to the new situation! We are coming out of this period positively: we have done business, enlarged our community, and acquired users. At the cost of some acrobatics and concessions...