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Profiles to simplify user API

ยท One min read
Emanuel Allely

๐Ÿ†• New feature in the Luos release 2.0.0: Profiles to simplify user API

Profiles are predefined structures representing a embedded service type. Since Luos 2.0.0, you can comply services to a specific profile allowing anyone to know how your feature work.

For example, any motor (stepper, brushless, Dynamixel, ...) can use the servo-motor profile. Then you can control any of them the same way. Profiles also simplify your motor driver development. Instead of dealing with messages, profiles give you input and output variables to interact with anything else (other services, cloud app, ...).

You can easily create your own profiles and share them with the community or your team as a feature API definition. Luos is open-source.

Check the Luos documentation dedicated to profiles

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