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· 7 min read
Simon Baudry

This post is the follow-up of the Motors-in-robotics series. Although what I will present you here is still basic notions and can be addressed to anyone keen on knowing more about it, don't hesitate to have a look at the previous posts (types of motors in robotics, DC motor direction, and speed control, how to read a datasheet), they will help you expand your knowledge about electric motors and start on a reasonable basis.

· 6 min read
Simon Baudry

Part 1 of this topic was about direction control of your DC motor. Today it's time to have a look at speed control. Everyone curious about robotic motorization basics can read this post, but I suggest you begin with the guide to motors in robotics, as well as part 1 of this post first.

I also wrote a small post to summarize the different topics where I discuss motors.