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Use Luos engine with Arduino IDE


What you will learn:

In this tutorial, you will how to set up a Luos engine into an Arduino project on Arduino IDE.

Distributed System

1. Introduction to Arduino

Arduino is an open-source electronic platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Luos engine can be used in Arduino IDE and examples are provided to test it on Arduino hardware quickly. For now, only Arduino SAM Board 32-bits ARM cortex-M0+ are compatible with Luos engine (Arduino Zero, Arduino MKR Wifi, Arduino MKR FOX, Arduino MKR WAN, Arduino MKR GSM, Arduino NB, etc.).

Creating a Luos network with an Arduino board is very easy. See the hardware topics page for more information.

2. Let's started with Arduino IDE

  1. Install the Ardiuno IDE from the Arduino website.
  2. Copy and paste the following URL into the File > Preferences > "Additional Boards Manager" textbox.
  1. Install the Luos adapted Arduino SAMD Library in Boards > "Add board definition" > Search for "Luos" > Install "Luos adapted Arduino SAMD (32-bits ARM Cortex-M0+) Boards"

  2. Install the official Arduino SAMD Library in Boards > "Add board definition" > Search for "SAMD" > Install Arduino SAMD Library:

  1. Download Luos_Arduino_*.*.*.zip containing examples on GitHub

  2. Include Luos engine library for Arduino to your Arduino IDE:

  1. Use provided Luos example, then compile and upload it to your Arduino board:

The author: Nicolas Rabault

CEO at Luos
Nicolas Rabault

Former roboticist, research engineer in real-time embedded systems and founder of Pollen Robotics, Nicolas Rabault is CEO of Luos. Nicolas dedicated his life to develop tools making embedded subsets work together and simplifying reusability.