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Open Source robotic engine

Efficient, Reliable & Cost-Effective
Power your robotic system with the most flexible architecture!
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Built for fast & secure development

Luos is a set of hardware and software librairies, written in Rust, that orchestrates your robotic system

Robotic libraries
Spend more time on your application by taking advantage of ready-to-use and reliable drivers and libraries made by the Luos community.
Build with confidence
Luos makes the most of Rust features to offer a reliable, secure and performant system. With Luos, build complex projects with confidence.
Usage oriented APIs
Luos abstracts obscure hardware complexity with elegant APIs that make robotic development as simple as it should be.
Low-Cost hardware
Compatible with all Arm microcontrollers. Starting with the M0 for the smallest footprint, the lowest cost and a very low power consumption.

And Luos is fully open source !

One more thing…

Robus makes drag-and-drop robotics a reality.

Robus is a dynamic and modular bus that unifies communication between robotic components. It allows fast and reliable data exchange between sensors, actuators, computers and IoT devices.  Robus can detect new components in the network, address them and expose their topology.

Combined with Luos, you can design robots quickly and iteratively by simply assembling functional blocks.

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Join our community, get a dev board and learn how to run Luos programs in Rust on a microcontroller in less than 30 minutes!
Get started right now by buying one of the development board compatible with Luos.
Support Pricing
We offer premium community membership for power users desiring to learn fast and achieve more!
Workplace or Enterprise?
Organisations have special needs that require a special attention.

We provide dedicated support (on site engineer, phone, mail, slack), review code on projects, develop custom features and work under double licencing.

Our team also has strong expertise in robotics, we can design and build robots on demand.

Luos is made with love by Pollen Robotics.