Open source and real-time orchestrator for distributed architectures

Unleashed by embedded developers for embedded developers, to easily design, test and deploy embedded applications on multi-MCUs products. Easy peasy.

How it works

Luos unleashes microservices for embedded systems. Luos connects together every part and function of your electronic devices into a single system image.
/. Virtual uni-controler
When several nodes are connected together, they automatically organize containers to create a single system image. You can access any containers on your entire network as if they were all located in the same microcontroller.
/. Distributed technology
Luos sorts application code and drivers into containers. Luos can detect, localize, and list all of them present in your system. You can use it to dispatch your features, optimize your reaction time and secure your machine using separate computational units.
/. Easy to use API
Luos provides easy to use embedded C/C++ API to simplify creating drivers or embedded applications. Use it on bare metal or on top of your favorite embedded OS. Luos also provides a converter firmware allowing you to translate the entire single system image into JSON. You can use your low level architecture easily in any high level language (Python, Ruby, JS, ROS) on any machine (computer, smartphone, Raspberry Pi, or a robot).
/. Safe, fast, lightweight
Luos can fit into the smallest microcontrollers and use RS485 to ensure speed and immunity to harsh environments. You can use it as a code library on your electronic designs and make it plug-and-play with any other Luos device by following our design rules.
/. Normalized data
Luos provides an objects dictionary defining basic data formats based on the International System of Units. This dictionary, added to the virtual uni-microcontroller, allows you to easily modify your hardware no matter what units are used (speed, weight, time, etc) without changing anything.
/. Methodology
Luos works with functions with a top-notch methodology. Microservices, CI/CD, etc.

The only tool you ever need.

Why should you use Luos and what's different from other solutions?
Plug & play
Parts and containers you have developed become reusable features.
Multi-board Links
Luos renders your electronic boards linkable together in a clear and functional way. No development required!
Embedded code package
Embedded drivers and applications are packaged into folders and easy to move.
Design your device with feature-dedicated teams and test each containers remotely.
Topology detection
Luos detects every container in your system and locates them.
Alias management
Give a name to each of your containers and use these names to interact with them.
Manage your network; containers can push notifications and subscribe to them.
Objects dictionary
Use an internal system of units to ease converting values.
Certified message transaction
Be sure that your critical messages have been received.
Exclude corrupted containers
Buggy or laggy containers are instantly excluded from the network to avoid bandwidth pollution.
Bio-inspired: short and fast messages
Messages are reduced to their minimum size in order to make the reaction time as quick as it can be.
Big data & streaming
Luos allows to share BIG data by automatically dividing and reconstructing them. Values can be streamed at high-frequency.

Our customers

La Région et l'Union européenne soutiennent le projet Luos dans le cadre du « Programme Opérationnel FEDER/FSE Aquitaine 2014-2020 » en conformité avec la règlementation européenne en matière de Fonds européens structurels et d'investissement (FESI).
Région Aquitaine & FEDER
We have been won over by the dynamism and ambition of the LUOS team, and we are convinced that the solutions they develop will revolutionize the way of designing new electronic, maintainable and scalable products. We hope to be able to use our expertise and experience, and are proud to contribute to the development of this great startup.
Jean-François Clédel and Yvan Cantou
Chairman & CEO @ Skalepark
Foreis is very proud to contribute to the development of Luos, a promising venture in software components allowing quick and robust design and industrialization of embedded electronics, which will contribute to create innovation and employment in France in the high tech semiconductors industry.
Jean-Yves Muller
President at Foreis
We were convinced by the complementarity and dynamism of the trio of founders and by the promise of Luos technology. We are very proud to support this deep tech start-up which has all the assets to become a standard in on-board electronics.
Camille Le Roux Larsabal
Director of Investments at Aquiti Gestion
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 827403.
European Union’s Horizon 2020
We are convinced that the software components developed by Luos will allow us to accelerate the development of complex robots and make the integration of their components easier.
Prof. Auke Ijspeert
EPFL (Biorobotics Laboratory)

Our partners

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