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Robotic product development made simple

Efficient, Reliable & Cost-Effective robotic engine to power your project.

Key features

Luos™ is a set of hardware and software librairies that orchestrate your robotic product

Monitoring Embedded

Know what happens in your robot, even from the other side of the world.

Accurate monitoring improves your customer service.


Luos guarantees code safety and memory check at compilation with a zero cost at runtime. Luos core is written in RUST so it’s both fast and reliable.


Enabling Drag & Drop Robotics for fast product iteration.

Work on each parts of the problem independently, we guarantee they will work together

Production Grade

Avoid the design traps that sink your product

We work with EMS partners to select the right components from the start

and Luos is fully open source !

Under the hood

Advanced technologies that create amazing user experiences

Runs on Low Cost Hardware

Compatible with all Arm microcontrollers, starting from the M0 for smallest footprint, lowest cost and low-power


RUST – Secure By Design

Made with RUST to ensure the highest level of code safety and reliability.

Compatible with C programming for customization.

Automatic API Generation

Luos generates elegant & standardized APIs for your robot.

As soon as it is built, you can program your robot in Python. And many more languages to come!

Unique communication network

Robus™ is the nervous sytem of your robot. When used with Luos, it creates a reliable communication bus among heterogeneous devices.

In Your Final Product

Luos scales with your product. Optimize hardware cost, keep the software you built with luos.

Multi-robot Apps

Build an App for all robots.

Thanks to standardized APIs, a Luos App is compatible with any Luos robot.

Try Luos

Our Development Board

Our first development board is called L0.

With its shield system, you can prototype your own module and connect it immediatly with any other Luos module.

Standard shields are already available:

  • USB interface
  • Wifi
  • Distance Sensors
  • Encoders
  • DC motor controller
  • Stepper motors
  • Servomotors
  • LEDs
  • Relays
  • Prototyping shield

Luos™ is a product of Pollen Robotics