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Version: 3.1.0

Network capabilities

Deterministc topological detection
Messages acknoledgement
Messages timestamps
BusSerial with only TX and RX lines
Overhead on top of Luos4 bytes
Package performances indications700 kb/s on a 45Mhz MCU (1.3K FLASH, 0.7K RAM)


The Serial network is the default wired board to computer connection. Most of the microcontrollers development board provide a ready to use USB to serial interface. Thanks to this Serial package you can use this built-in interface to extend your Luos network to your computer. You can also use thus phy to link 2 boards together, but you have to understand that this network only accept to link 2 boards together, so you will be limited to a star topology with this network.

This network layer is designed to be very simple and flexible, you can use it on any microcontroller easily as well as your computer in any OS.

Here is a list of all the hardware peripherals used to drive the physical bus:

  • PORT: Defines necessary pins, Rx/Tx.
  • COM: Serial bus.
  • DMA: Optionaly used to optimize the communication.