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Version: 3.1.0

Luos engine's APIs

By writing services code you will have the opportunity to use the Luos engine's APIs. These APIs are designed to help you to manage your messages and services.

Luos basic functions

Reset luos StatisticsLuos_ResetStatistic(void);void
Get the Luos_engine revisionLuos_GetVersion(void);const revision_t *
Use it to enable or disable Luos IRQ. Dedicated to real time applicationsLuos_SetIrqState(bool state);const state_t *

Luos node management functions

Get the total ticks number since the initializationLuos_GetSystick(void);uint32_t
Indicate if the node have been detected or notLuos_IsDetected(void);bool

Luos service management functions

Reference your service to Luos engineLuos_CreateService(SERVICE_CB service_cb, uint8_t type, const char *alias, revision_t revision);service_t *
Update a service aliasLuos_UpdateAlias(service_t *service, const char *alias, uint16_t size);error_return_t
Will start a detectionLuos_Detect(service_t *service);void
Remove all services referenced in the nodeLuos_ServicesClear(void);void

Luos routing table filtering functions

Check if the result is at it's initial stateRTFilter_InitCheck(search_result_t *result);error_return_t
Reset the results tableRTFilter_Reset(search_result_t *result);search_result_t*
Find a the service of a specific idRTFilter_ID(search_result_t *result, uint16_t id);search_result_t*
Find the services of a specific typeRTFilter_Type(search_result_t *result, luos_type_t type);search_result_t*
Find the services of a specific nodeRTFilter_Node(search_result_t *result, uint16_t node_id);search_result_t*
Find the services of a specific aliasRTFilter_Alias(search_result_t *result, char* alias);search_result_t*
Find the service of a specific service pointerRTFilter_Service(search_result_t *result, service_t *service);search_result_t*