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Version: 3.1.0


SimpleFOC is an opensource project providing an arduino library to control different types of motors, as well as arduino shields in order to drive them. We have integrated the SimpleFOC library with Luos engine for the creation of the drivers of BLDC and a Stepper motors, based in Arduino Zero boards. The SimpleFOC library contains different APIs for controlling different types of motors, getting the motor's information like the sensor values (position, angle etc.). In order to use it with Luos, you need to include the library into the motor driver services.


You can find more information about SimpleFOC here.

Hardware configuration

Here you can see how you could connect the motors with the Arduino boards, as well as create a Luos network of Arduino Zero boards.

Luos network on arduino board

In order to create a Luos network with Arduino Zeros and SimpleFOC motors you should configure the following PINs:

  • PTPA: PIN19
  • PTPB: PIN7
  • RX_EN: PIN2
  • TX_EN: PIN3

BLDC wiring


Stepper wiring



You can find a demo of how the motors work with Luos here.


You can find the code used for the SimpleFOC drivers here.