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My board is not detected in the network


After flashing a board with PlatformIO and launching a detection, the board is not detected in the Luos network.

Possible reason(s)

  • The upload function did not work properly in PlatformIO.

Explanation and resolution

Sometimes, VS Code and PlatformIO do not clean nor regenerate the user folders .vscode and .pio, and it can affect uploading (or flashing) your code to the board, even if there is a success message after the upload. The clean action does not affect these folders either.

If you have this detection problem, try the following actions:

  • Delete the folder .pio from the tree on the left in PLatformIO.
  • In order to have a clean development environment, you can also delete the folder .vscode from the tree.
  • Perform a clean (Bin icon in the bottom left of VS Code).
  • Try hitting Upload again in the bottom left.

The deleted folders and their files will be automatically regenerated at upload. Then try to make a detection again, the board should now be detected.


Step 1: Delete the folders


Step 2: Clean and upload your code


The uplaod time may be longer, because the files are regenerated in the folders .vscode and .pio.