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Luos Roadmap

This page is a preview of Luos’s product roadmap. The following graphic shows the next technical developments our team is and will be working on with the help of the community, quarter by quarter.

This roadmap is updated every quarter.

As part of an open source project, each of these subjects are open to contribution: it means that anyone from the Luos community can work on them and help the team in their developments. You can check out our contribution’s guidelines on GitHub and how to contribute on Luos Documentation.

If you have any question about this roadmap or more generally about Luos, join in the community and chat with developers from all around the world!

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Luos engine v3

Q1 2023

The main goal of Luos engine v3 is to drastically simplify the addition of various networks’ support into the Luos engine library. Luos engine will not be limited to the Robus network layer anymore, and will be able to deal with any kind of network.


Q3 2023

Based on Luos engine v3, the multi-phy feature will allow Luos engine to deal with multiple and different networks at the same time (WiFi, CAN, Robus, …), acting like a switch. This feature will allow you to deal with multiple networks on your device, multiply data bandwidth, and break the frontier between your embedded networks and your cloud or computer applications.

Luos web assembly

Q1 2024

Thanks to multi-phy, you can now run Luos engine services everywhere, even on the cloud, on your computer, or on a mobile phone. To make it even more flexible, we will compile Luos engine in WebAssembly, allowing you to run services directly in your web browser. This web browser application will be visible by any embedded services and usable from anywhere.

Luos certification

Q3 2024

Luos engine certification will add connectivity rules to your nodes, allowing you to create white-lists, black-lists, or any conditional rules based on encrypted information on all your nodes. Your product, your rules.