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Version: 2.4.0


A Luos node is the term that corresponds to each hardware component connected to a Luos network. In other words, each MCU connected into the system, is called a node. The node contains a package and one or more services, concepts that are going to be analyzed in the following pages.

The nodes are described by a set of characteristics that are unique and give them the opportunity to be separated the one from the other. These are:

  • node_id: node's unique id
  • certified: true if the node is certified
  • port_table: physical port connections

Each node hosts the embedded Luos API, which permits its communication with all the nodes of the network, by using the Luos communication protocol, called [Robus], and specific message handling mechanisms, the Luos HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) for the mcu configuration and the embedded code of the different functionalities (services) of the specific node.