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Version: 2.2.0

Gate API

The gate service allows to translate JSON to Luos and Luos to JSON constantly. This service continuously pulls data from the sensors detected on the network and streams it into a JSON format. Also, it can receive JSON data and convert it into a service command.

You need to have at least one of these services in one of your nodes to use the Luos network with a computer using Pyluos or any other lib.

JSON is a really mainstream standard allowing you to use your favorite language easily through a JSON library.

Its type has access to all common capabilities.


Function name and parametersActionComment
control(self)Displays service type graphical interfaceOnly available using Jupyter notebook


Variable nameActionType
delaySets or reads the network refresh delay in / write: Integer

ROS topics

The gate has no topic but all topics names of all services are prefixed with the name given to the broker associated to this gate at runtime. Default is luos_broker but can be changed by passing an argument to the launchfile, e.g.: ros2 launch luos_interface name:=luos_broker_2. This name must be unique to prevent conflicts.