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Version: 2.1.0

Luos Hardware Abstraction Layer

Luos can work on a single node or it can create a network for communication between services located on different nodes. This communication should be defined and hardware-configured to fit with the chosen MCU. The files luos_hal.c and luos_hal.h define all the functions needed by the Luos library to send messages through the bus and create the initialization of all MCU peripherials.

The file luos_hal_config.h file contains a default configuration for an MCU family and can be redefined in a configuration file to fit your design. The configuration of Luos HAL is described here.

Luos HAL

Lists of all the functions using hardware components relative to protocol communication and physical bus:

  • PORT: Defines necessary pins, PTP lines, Rx/Tx, enable/disable
  • TIMER: Defines timeouts for communications
  • COM: Serial bus
  • CRC: Validates the accuracy of the messages. CRC can be generated by hardware or software
  • DMA: Used by default with COM but it can be disabled
  • FLASH: Stores services' aliases in the system