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Version: 2.0.1

Luos configuration

Compatible MCUs

Luos can manage any type of microcontrollers as long as they are first added to the library manually. If your microcontroller is not supported yet, please contact us:

Check the list of MCU family Luos cover :Hardware Abstraction Layers for MCU Families,

Default Configuration

Luos libraries is made to run on MCU and use hardware peripheral of the MCU to complete communication between services. In order to configure this low level part, Luos compagny provide, for many MCU family, a default configuration that can be follow to plug and play luos library with the chosen MCU family. The peripheral configuration is describe in files luos_hal_config.h in the repository LuosHAL, and can be redefined in the node_config.h file to fit with your design.

Luos HAL configuration

To match pinout and fonctionality with your design, you can create or use the file node_config.h (see Luos example) Base on the default configuration define in luos_hal_config.h, you can define in the file node_config.h, in the section "LUOS HAL LIBRARY DEFINITION", pinout usart timer etc.

This way you are able to change default hardware configuration so it need to be call in the preprossessor variable section of your IDE to be taken into consideration for your project

FYI: Every example provide by luos has a node_config.h files and includes by the file platformio.ini

For example, redefine PTPA to fit with your design

inluos_hal_config.h this is defined as followed:

#ifndef PTPA_PIN

innode_config.h this should be redefined as followed:

#define PTPA_PIN                    GPIO_PIN_11

There are many possible configurations that you can change, not all of them being necessary for your design:

PORT_CLOCK_ENABLEActivates clock for GPIODepends on port
RX_EN_PIN/TX_EN_PINChooses pinout to activate Rx/Tx commsNecessary for special comms
COM_TX_PIN/COM_RX_PINChooses pinout for Rx/Tx commsAdapts to the chosen serial bus
PTPX_PIN/PTPX_IRQ/PINOUT_IRQHANDLERChooses pinout, IRQ and callback for the PTP lineNecessary for topology detection