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/. Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions you may want to ask us.
What's the difference with ROS?
ROS has the same spirit as Luos, but not on the same level. ROS allows you to easily run complex processes on a "normal" computer running Linux. Luos allows you to run simple real-time processes on tiny microcontrollers. Running ROS and Luos together on your robot is easy to use, and a really efficient way of developing.
How does it work?
Watch this video:
What's the technology inside Luos?
Luos is inspired by many different industrial-grade bus and distributed operating systems. We took the best ideas from many of them to create the ultimate communication method for embedded system.
How to get started with it?
Visit the Luos documentation to get started with an easy "Hello World".
How lightweight and fast is it?
Luos only needs 15kB of memory to run and can send messages at 10Mbit/s. You can check the minimum hardware requirements here:
Is Luos for me? 🤔